“I’ve never been a good writer.
My language is the photography and my pictures are the best way to express what I want to say. I love my job and I always try to use my passion to describe other people’s feelings, the one, I mean, bonding the couples beyond my lens. It’s been a long time since I started my career so I had the honor and the privilege to collect lots of good stories, tons of emotions. As a special observer during the wedding, I chase the simplicity and the spontaneity of the moment. My purpose is to return a genuine and authentic report of a unique Day.
My name’s Marco Miglianti. I’m a wedding photographer. Nice to meet you.”

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Wedding Photographer Ischia – Jr e Randy

Wedding Photographer Ischia Jr & Randy Castello Aragonese, Ischia . wedding Planner : Rita wedding photographer Ischia :  Marco Miglianti When you are a wedding photographer for many years as I’m you might think to deeply understand and not to get too emotional anymore about the feelings bondering the many brides and grooms you photographed.…

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wedding in aragonese castle

Wedding in Aragonese Castle – eric & Jessie

Wedding in Aragonese castle – Ischia Eric and Jessie Wedding photographer Italy : Marco Miglianti for Migliantistudio Location: Castello Aragonese Eric and Jessie opted for a wonderful setting for their wedding: Ischia. This American couple was so pleased with the Neapolitan scenery, that they chose the Aragonese Castle as the location for their most beautiful…

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wedding in sicily

wedding Sicily – Roman e Sophie

Wedding Sicily Ragusa Ibla Spring and summer are incredible seasons for weddings: they create an atmosphere full of colours and particular scents, such as in the case of Roman and Sophie’s wedding, celebrated in the amazing Ragusa, in Sicily. This special day could be summarised in a few words, like brush strokes of colours on…

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