Analogue vs Digital

Digital vs AnalogueWrite an article about this topic, what went through my mind…?! Talk about analogue is nowadays anachronistic, the quality of digital has passed a lot the quality of the photographic film, over the years: the high ISO, the latitude of pose, the autofocus, the fact that during a wedding, you make photos at…


The wedding photographer on the road

Wedding destination – the journeys of the wedding photographer Wedding destinationLet’s talk about ‘wedding destination’, but not only about that.In these years of photography, I was lucky enough to visit a lot of different places, in Italy and not just there. I worked throughout Tuscany and in all other italian regions, even in India, Switzerland,…

wedding in aragonese castle

Wedding in Aragonese Castle – eric & Jessie

Wedding in Aragonese castle – Ischia Eric and Jessie Wedding photographer Italy : Marco Miglianti for Migliantistudio Location: Castello Aragonese Eric and Jessie opted for a wonderful setting for their wedding: Ischia. This American couple was so pleased with the Neapolitan scenery, that they chose the Aragonese Castle as the location for their most beautiful…