Wedding Photographer Ischia – Jr e Randy

Wedding Photographer Ischia Jr & Randy Castello Aragonese, Ischia . wedding Planner : Rita wedding photographer Ischia :  Marco Miglianti When you are a wedding photographer for many years as I’m you might think to deeply understand and not to get too emotional anymore about the feelings bondering the many brides and grooms you photographed.…

wedding in aragonese castle

Wedding in Aragonese Castle – eric & Jessie

Wedding in Aragonese castle – Ischia Eric and Jessie Wedding photographer Italy : Marco Miglianti for Migliantistudio Location: Castello Aragonese Eric and Jessie opted for a wonderful setting for their wedding: Ischia. This American couple was so pleased with the Neapolitan scenery, that they chose the Aragonese Castle as the location for their most beautiful…

wedding in sicily

wedding Sicily – Roman e Sophie

Wedding Sicily Ragusa Ibla Spring and summer are incredible seasons for weddings: they create an atmosphere full of colours and particular scents, such as in the case of Roman and Sophie’s wedding, celebrated in the amazing Ragusa, in Sicily. This special day could be summarised in a few words, like brush strokes of colours on…

wedding in orvieto

Wedding Orvieto – Siobhan and Killian

Wedding Orvieto
In the beautiful Umbrian town of Orvieto, Siobhan and Killian celebrated their wedding day at La Domus Orvieto wedding venue.
The day began in an ancient 11 th century cathedral perched on the edge of the town with stunning panoramic views just outside the doorsteps.
This made for a great backdrop for family photos after the ceremony.

Melissa e Adrien – wedding in tuscany castle

wedding in tuscany castle In the end of May Melissa and Adrien had their dream wedding in Italy at Vincigliata castle in Florence. The choice of the wedding venue and the one year planning with the help of prestigeweddingsitaly was done evaluating all details until the day of the wedding. The beautiful couple exchanged their…

Wedding Florence – Niccolò e Julia

Wedding Florence wedding photographer Florence : Marco Miglianti wedding planning : ConAmore Wedding Location : Villa Bardini – Florence The protagonists of this wonderful wedding, are Niccolò and Julia, a beautiful couple, half Tuscan, half German, who fulfilled their love dream, in the amazing and spectacular Florence. Niccolò and Julia are very cheerful and during their…

wedding location - forte stella

James e Valentina – Wedding in Tuscany Forte Stella – Porto Ercole

Wedding in TUSCANY Wedding Photographer : Marco Miglianti Wedding Planner: Lucia Saltalamacchia Location: Forte Stella Wedding Venue : Osteria dei Nobili Santi   Castles and fortress are places that convey special emotions, not only for their position, but also because they let us daydream about past loves, from Middle Ages, to Modern Age: this is…

balilla car

Wolfgang & Anna – wedding photographer Cortona

Wolfgang & Anna’s Wedding in Tuscany, in the valleys of Cortona A normal day for anybody but a special one for a bride and a groom.. They’re Wolfgang&Anna and got married in the valleys surrounding the beautiful Tuscan town of Cortona! May 3rd. Wolfgang, a strong German man and Anna, a delicate woman coming from…

lovely kids

Nick and Louise – Wedding in Tuscany

 Wedding in Tuscany: May is a great month to get married in Maremma: Very close to the Chianti area, at the sud side of Tuscany, there is a land called Maremma that means between to mount and the sea, which it’s becoming the most sought place for wedding destination. Nick and Louise have chosen to…