wedding Sicily – Roman e Sophie

Wedding Sicily

Ragusa Ibla
Spring and summer are incredible seasons for weddings: they create an atmosphere full of colours and particular scents, such as in the case of Roman and Sophie’s wedding, celebrated in the amazing Ragusa, in Sicily.
This special day could be summarised in a few words, like brush strokes of colours on a canvas: spontaneity, smiles, glee, emotion.

For the preparation of this day, Roman and Sophie chose Villa Zinna, a place surrounded by flowers and the bright church of San Vincenzo Ferreri for the celebration of their second wedding, which took place with their relatives and dearest friends. Outside the church, the spouses have been welcomed by a rain of rice and they watched the flight of the doves.

The cocktail was held near some green hills, which have been reached by the guests, after a brief walk, while the restaurant MAD hosted the couple and their company, for the wedding feast. An astonishing white table, decorated with particular candelabras and centrepieces of white roses, made the table simple, but at the same time, very elegant.

Below, the photo shoot of Roman and Sophie’s lovely day.

wedding photographer : Marco Miglianti

Wedding Planner : wedding in Sicily

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