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Wedding Florence – Niccolò e Julia

Wedding Florence
wedding photographer Florence : Marco Miglianti

wedding planning : ConAmore

Wedding Location : Villa Bardini – Florence

The protagonists of this wonderful wedding, are Niccolò and Julia, a beautiful couple, half Tuscan, half German, who fulfilled their love dream, in the amazing and spectacular Florence. Niccolò and Julia are very cheerful and during their greatest day, they didn’t hide their joy and emotion, in each moment of the day, starting from the preparations.
After a brief walk in the centre of Florence, Niccolò reached the place chosen for the celebration of the ceremony: Palazzo Vecchio. In the courtyard of the palace, he waited for Julia. As she arrived, after a direct but intense exchange of glimpses, full of happyness, the couple climbed the stairs to the magnificent Sala Rossa, where the moving celebration took place.
For the reception, the spouses chose the sumptuous Villa Bardini, characterised by a luxuriant garden: here, the guests have been welcomed in a joyful atmosphere and a pleasant musical accompaniment.

The party took place at the sunset, in the astonishing Villa Monte Piano, in Fiesole, where the spouses danced and celebrated with their friends and relatives, until dawn.


Below, the amazing moments of Niccolò and Julia’s most beautiful day.
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Sofia and Aileen , Same – Sex Wedding Proposal in Florence

Sofia wrote to us a couple of Months ago telling me her story and her idea: a Wedding Proposal to the woman She deeply loves, Aileen…
We was suddenly connected to the entire project and amazingly emotional. Together we picked a day and a spot, the most special one for the occasion.
And in a November afternoon the four of us, ( the couple, me and my collegue Adriana) met in “Piazzale Michelangelo”. With the excuse of a simple picture, me and Adriana, found out ourselves standing up in front of the making of the Proposal. I started taking pictures like a crazy, mesmerized by the moment while Adriana made the Video.
After that magical moment, we took advantage of the very nice night to take a walk in Florence, shooting lots of Engagement’s pictures of the new born couple.
I’m not able to contain the number of the photos, I’m sorry, but each of them remind me how they lovely looked each others and the emotions their connection trasmitted to me.
Sofia and Aileen, thank you so much for trusting me and for sharing with us a so intimate and unwordly moment.
As soon as possible, we are gonna put on line the Video.

photographer : Marco Miglianti

videographer : Adriana Chechi

Studio : migliantistudio




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Wolfgang & Anna – wedding photographer Cortona

Wolfgang & Anna’s Wedding in Tuscany, in the valleys of Cortona
A normal day for anybody but a special one for a bride and a groom..
They’re Wolfgang&Anna and got married in the valleys surrounding the beautiful Tuscan town of Cortona!
May 3rd. Wolfgang, a strong German man and Anna, a delicate woman coming from Russia are preparing to their Big day in Tuscany!
Not so strange for them, as they both fell in love with Tuscany and decided not only to get married here, but also to live here for the rest of their lives! Wolfgang & Anna’s new rural house is in fact, very near to the wonderful Tuscan location that will host their elegant wedding and it’s here that they are both getting ready for their “I do’s” moments.
The bride with a long sleeveless mermaid dress and a long veil on the head reached the altar where her Wolfgang was waiting for her in a classical dark suit. Her red long hair had been left loose with some locks embellished in braids with small rhinestones.
The words of our Priest Giuseppe were really touching and all participants appreciated his holy blessings. Coming out from the church, Wolfgang and Anna, now husband and wife set forth along a path lined with lemon-trees in large pots and lavender bushes. The first stop was in the “scuderia”, an outhouse of the magnificent Tuscan Patrician villa where a nice alfresco wedding aperitif to the charming sound of jazz music took place.
When the daylight was dissolving though, the real wedding location waited for the bride and groom! So after the aperitif, all participants reached the magnificent Patrician villa, an enchanted venue with two naves and vaulted ceilings. Here, frescoes with trompe l’oeil drapes covered each wall and the antique red and ochre combined with the warm charming lights of the candles gave everything such an elegant atmosphere! White accessories, elegant centrepieces and charming lights made the location look perfectly elegant, in line with the bride&groom’s expectation!
Moreover, mirrors were used in the table set up to reflect the frescoed vaults of the hall! With this game of mirrors, magnificent great candelabras and perfumed fresh flowers, all this resulted in an enchanted Tuscan wedding celebration!
In the meantime, lanterns had lighted to illuminate the way back to the scuderia whose gardens had been covered with rose petals and candles lights. Here a giant three-level wedding cake waited for the spouses to be cut and enjoyed!

With the best wishes and !cheers! of everybody to Wolfgang and Anna, the party began to the charming melodies of a guitar, a bass, a violin and the drums! The dance rhythm then, inflamed the night and all participants, too!

Wedding Photographer Cortona: Marco miglianti & Adriana Chechi

wedding Planning: Super Tuscan Wedding Planners

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Marco e Chiara – Wedding Photographer Italy

When Marco and Chiara contacted me at the end of January 2014, they had already chosen their wedding venue, a vineyard estate of understated beauty, located not far from Marco’s hometown   in Southern Tuscany. The estate was not only gorgeous but it also was centrally located for their guests who were arriving from all over Italy.

They fell in love with the estate from looking at pictures on the website, and decided it was perfect without even visiting it.  They had spoken to other wedding planners who told them the estate was too small for the 140 guests they planned on inviting.  Despite this their hearts were set on the venue, so they called me and asked my opinion.  I told them that I was familiar with the venue and I thought their guests could be accommodated and invited them to come have a look and we could figure a way of making their dream wedding happen.

Marco’s enthusiasm on the phone was contagious and we chose Valentine’s weekend to meet at the estate.  We didn’t have much time – their wedding date was already set for July 26th, a scant five months away – and my agency’s wedding calendar was already pretty full for the season.
.…the estate was located 15 minutes from my house which considering the time restraint would work to our advantage. I love a challenge and tend to deliver best under pressure… and this was going to be quite a challenge – so I was excited to figure a way of making this work!

We visited the estate, they loved it as expected, and we started kicking the ball on the planning process. From talking to them I realized that I had all the perfect vendors lined up. Chiara is an artist. She graduated from the University of Bologna in Art and Literature and she loves to draw with charcoal (carbon) as well as paint. She has a great talent of visualizing arrangements and capturing their beauty. She already had a color palette and a style in mind – informal but sophisticated using soft colors, different types of material and was willing to mix flowers and fruit to achieve the result. With that in mind I knew I had to introduce her to Tommaso, from La Rosa Canina. The hardest part would be then to convince him to agree to do the wedding… I knew he was overbooked, but he was just the perfect match for her. He initially declined in a phone conversation, but I convinced him to meet Chiara before formally declining.  We got together and once he met Chiara and listened to our enthusiastic plans his interest was piqued and he decided to jump onboard!

Pretty much everything else in the wedding planning ran smoothly and on time until we got to 2 weeks prior to the wedding. The weather had not been great with lots of thunderstorms appearing out of nowhere. The estate did not have a room big enough for a seated dinner for over 100 guests…which is why the other planners had advised that the estate was too small!   But a small voice in my head reminded me that I had read somewhere that African Bedouin Tents were now available for export to Italy, and these would be perfect for any inclement weather!  After a frantic search we were rewarded and were able to secure a beautiful white 300 square meter African Tent.

The wedding day started early and smoothly. The weather was beautiful and everybody really enjoyed the panoramic drive to the church in Massa Marittima and the cocktail by the pool with a stunning view over the vineyards. At about dinner time a huge thunderstorm move fast towards Conti di San Bonifacio…

Enjoy the pictures!

Wedding Photographer: Marco Miglianti  Adriana Chechi

Planning: Tuscandream – Planner Carolina Casini

Venue: Conti di San Bonifacio, Gavorrano, Tuscany

Florist & Event Designer: Tommaso Torrini, La Rosa Canina Firenze

Make up artist: Giulia Cresci

Marquee: Tentickle Italia, Michele Camerota



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