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Wedding in Aragonese Castle – eric & Jessie

Wedding in Aragonese castle – Ischia
Eric and Jessie – 17th June 2017

Wedding photographer Italy : Marco Miglianti for Migliantistudio

Location: Castello Aragonese

Eric and Jessie opted for a wonderful setting for their wedding: Ischia.
This American couple was so pleased with the Neapolitan scenery, that they chose the Aragonese Castle as the location for their most beautiful day.
In this magical place, they surrended to the joy of that lovely moment, which they shared with their parents and friends.
After the sunset, the bride changed her dress and the couple reached the wedding reception, by boat: the banquet was outside the restaurant, near the harbour.
The atmosphere was joyful and sparkling, just like the guests’ dances and the coloured fireworks, which characterised Eric and Jessie’s magical night.
The couple will never forget their splendid italian wedding.
Here there are the unforgettable moments of Eric and Jessie’s special day


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Wedding Photographer Ischia – Jr e Randy

Jr & Randy

19th August 2014

Castello Aragonese, Ischia .

wedding Planner : Rita

wedding photographer Ischia :  Marco Miglianti

When you are a wedding photographer for many years as I’m you might think to deeply understand and not to get too emotional anymore about the feelings bondering the many brides and grooms you photographed.
Of course every weddings let you something special to remind: a glimpse of a smile, a very emotional grandma, a falling bride or a very wild party.
But this job can always surprise you when you don’t expect it.
I was supposed to meet Jr and Randy on August the 18th, but I ended up meeting them on the wedding day.
From the very first moment I got mesmerized by the men I was talking to. I was hypnotized by the deep love they could spread.
Within a couple of hours their happiness become my happiness.
When the officiant declared them “Husband and Husband” I got emotional in a way I couldn’t expect it would have happened after so many years of shooting weddings.

Since my task is to get unique moments through my lens, I tried to fill up the photos with my own feelings.


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