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Same-sex Engagement in Romesame-sex engagement in Rome

Same Sex Engagement in Rome – wedding photographer rome

Siman and Pansy , Roma 29th December 2016

We had a talk with Siman four months ago, she and her partner were looking for a photographer to tell their love story , so they found me during a research for another same-sex service  realized in Venice (link)

Fortunately  is created a feeling between us and sometimes we exchange text message  with Pansy  on social network like Facebook and via Whatsapp.

they are living  in Macau, a city that I hope to visit soon.

We are agreed to see us together in Rome, where we had spent a beautiful day to.

It was December with weather not too cold and Christmas atmosphere helps us for have a funny day.

This is a small selection of photo shooting of the day

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Sofia and Aileen , Same – Sex Wedding Proposal in Florence

Sofia wrote to us a couple of Months ago telling me her story and her idea: a Wedding Proposal to the woman She deeply loves, Aileen…
We was suddenly connected to the entire project and amazingly emotional. Together we picked a day and a spot, the most special one for the occasion.
And in a November afternoon the four of us, ( the couple, me and my collegue Adriana) met in “Piazzale Michelangelo”. With the excuse of a simple picture, me and Adriana, found out ourselves standing up in front of the making of the Proposal. I started taking pictures like a crazy, mesmerized by the moment while Adriana made the Video.
After that magical moment, we took advantage of the very nice night to take a walk in Florence, shooting lots of Engagement’s pictures of the new born couple.
I’m not able to contain the number of the photos, I’m sorry, but each of them remind me how they lovely looked each others and the emotions their connection trasmitted to me.
Sofia and Aileen, thank you so much for trusting me and for sharing with us a so intimate and unwordly moment.
As soon as possible, we are gonna put on line the Video.

photographer : Marco Miglianti

videographer : Adriana Chechi

Studio : migliantistudio




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