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Real wedding at La Domus Orvieto wedding venue – Paula and Thomas

The “city in the clouds” is the Italian destination for this romantic wedding planned by Prestige Weddings Italy.
The small city of Orvieto in the central region of Umbria is home to the La Domus Orvieto wedding venue that has marveled guests from around the world with its splendor.
Paula and Thomas were the guests of honor this special evening as they chose this special location to join in marriage. It all began on a sunny and cheerful summer day as the guests prepared in their suites. A few hours later, they joined together in a nearby Church rich with history and ancient beauty for the ceremony.
Guests were stunned at the bride’s modern and elegant dress and the touches of blush pink and white roses. The bridesmaids were complimentary in their long lavender dresses and the groomsmen looked sharp in their tuxedos.
The La Domus Orvieto wedding venue hosted guests both indoors and outdoors. After a short cocktail hour on the patio overlooking the Italian countryside, guests were invited inside where they would dine under majestic stone walls towering over the loft space. The tables were decorated with touches of gold and white and centered with bouquets of baby’s breath flowers and candles. The food was equally impressive as the cake, which was also adorned with roses.
As the night continued, guests were invited to the transformed patio where they could enjoy the spectacular changing colors of the sky as the sun set over the cliff’s edge views. The dance floor was adorned with floating orbs of light above as the couple took their first dance together. Soon after, everyone joined in dancing and enjoying the evening and live jazz band performance.
It was an experience not soon to be forgotten by the newlyweds and their guests alike!


Wedding planning: Prestigeweddingsitaly
Wedding venue:
La Domus Orvieto
Photography : Migliantistudio

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